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How to work out the credibility of a character

Character Activity

Passive characters do not resonate and pass the reader's attention. And write my essay for me in 3 hours if the passivity of our innkeeper, who appears once, is forgivable, then heroes and characters who simply exist and drift with the flow, cause bewilderment. This is why they are taken into the story, to change it with their activity, to participate (voluntarily or involuntarily) in the life of the world, to express their point of view and prove it by their actions.

Logic of Character and Consistency in Action

This is probably the most difficult moment.

It is very important to immediately, initially, spell out the character and determine his main traits in order to avoid plot errors. To have a hot-tempered character in the right places angry, not philosophical sighs. So that the peace-loving avoided conflict, not fighting over nonsense. So that the pugnacious climbed into the bottle, not to cowardly in dark alleys. And write papers for money that the cowardly would avoid them.

And if it's stated that the character is a boor, he must be a boor in all situations (and, of course, with a "justification" - why he is so). And if a maiden is a maiden, then she must be a maiden even with the most sophisticated Casanova and not justify herself with the "body betrayal" so popular in contemporary novels.

Based on the chosen character, two areas are thought through - actions (behavior) and speech. Actions - so that there would not be that very sudden "betrayal of the body", so that the maiden would have a strong moral core. And speech (including internal, "thinking") - so that the boor looks like a boor, thinks like a boor and speaks like a boor, not like an aristocrat in the tenth tribe.

Of course, cpm homework help a consistent character will seem predictable, but this is only for the good, because the reader will know what to expect from the image. And on this you can perfectly play in those key moments when the character has to make a difficult choice and change. And thereby surprise the reader.

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